Nicol Bolas Is Back In The Hour Of Devastation For MTG

July 24, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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The Hour Of Devastation, the second set in the Amonkhet block in Magic The Gathering, has launched and has unleashed the wrath of Nicol Bolas in the plane.

nicol bolus

He brings with him 4 different abilties, each difficult to deal with in their own right. He can cause an oponent to burn through their deck rather quickly with the plus abilities, and when he's ready to minus, there's 7 damage coming your way!

the locust god

the scarub god

And just in case, that's not exciting enough for you, there are some really interesting gods that have joined the party as well, including The Locust God, The Scarab God and The Scorpion God. Maybe it's just me, but none of those sound like the kind of God you want to tangle with.

the scorpion god

Nicol Bolas is not the only Planeswalker joining the world in this set. Samut, The Tested is also on the way and she offers a really annoying minus seven ability to bring two creatures OR planeswalkers onto the battlefield. YIKES.


Not a bad haul of character cards to get you interested in the game again I'd say.

Will you be having a go in The Hour Of Devastation?

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