Ninja Division Finds Starfinder Miniature Solution With Archon

July 26, 2019 by brennon

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Ninja Division & Paizo have found a solution to their problems arising from the fulfilment of their Starfinder Miniatures Kickstarter. Archon Studio will be starting work on a new set of plastic miniatures for those that backed the Kickstarter and for retail.

Starfinder Miniatures - Ninja Division

So there is no confusion when writing up the details from this I'm going to provide the information provided by Ninja Division below...

"Archon Studiowill be producing plastic miniatures instead of resin. They will also be starting over with Kickstarter fulfilment; this means that backers who have already received resin miniatures from Ninja Division will receive those minis again from Archon, this time in plastic."

Archon Studio will be creating all-new Starfinder Masterclass miniatures in addition to those announced by Ninja Division. Each month, Archon Studio plans to produce four or five of the minis announced during the Kickstarter plus one brand-new mini. These minis will be available for sale in your favourite local game store, on, and direct from (The Kickstarter-exclusive miniatures of Candy, Cola, Seelah the Paladin, and Epic Obazaya will not be available at retail.) 

Archon Studio plans to ship Kickstarter rewards in waves. Approximately every six months, the pledge rewards produced during the previous six months will be shipped to backers free of charge. Additionally, any time a Kickstarter backer purchases any Starfinder mini from Archon Studio—whether that’s a new mini or a duplicate of a Kickstarter mini—they will also ship any released Kickstarter miniatures due to that backer for no additional charge. Details of which minis are shipping when, and how to purchase other miniatures, will be posted on the Kickstarter page.

Archon Studio will be fulfilling backers in Europe, and Ninja Division will be shipping to the rest of the world. Paizo does not have specific answers to fulfilment questions: if you’re a backer with a question about your order, you'll need to post the question to the Starfinder Masterclass Kickstarter page."

You can Read More Here. If you're interested in what this means in terms of quality, Archon shared some images of their existing plastic miniatures for other games.

Archon Plastic Miniatures #1

They are of a pretty high quality and with a knowledge of the process, they should be able to quite quickly churn out these Starfinder miniatures. Of course, the proof is in the pudding as always.

Archon Plastic Miniatures #2

So, there you have it. The team at Archon are going to be looking to bring their own brand of miniature production to the fore and take control of the situation. It will be interesting to see just how the miniatures turn out but in the end, it's great to see folks hopefully getting what they pledged for!

Did you back this particular Kickstarter?

"Each month, Archon Studio plans to produce four or five of the minis announced during the Kickstarter plus one brand-new mini..."

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