Footsore’s Normans Get Ready For An Invasion

April 6, 2018 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures have created a bunch of awesome looking Normans, just ready to form an invasion force and take England for themselves. Leading the way we have this preview of one of their characters, Bishop Odo of Bayeaux.

Bishop Odo of Bayeaux #1 - Footsore Miniatures

This fellow is ready to start clubbing some Anglo-Saxons from atop his steed. The miniature looking awesome and a great alternative leader for your force.

Bishop Odo of Bayeaux #2 - Footsore Miniatures

He is featured on the well-known tapestry wielding his club as you see here. While it speaks to him not actually fighting, that might just be linked to the idea that he did not shed blood. However, with a club in hand, he could very well have still beat his foes.

Norman Commanders

Talking of other leaders, there is a new Warlord model from Footsore for you to snap up. Here we have this Mounted Warlord and his Bannerman.

Norman Warlord & Bannerman - Footsore Miniatures

The model looks great, calling others into a charge against the enemy. As much as it hurts me to say it, the Normans do have a very neat aesthetic to them on the battlefield and the idea of a mounted force does appeal.


Additionally, you can also look towards some Archers for your army as well. As well as the standard archers you can also snap up this Command element for the force too.

Norman Archer Command - Footsore Miniatures

This works well for a skirmishing force and of course for a more regimented mass battle game too. I always like characters blowing horns for some reason!

What do you think of the new Norman collection?

"This fellow is ready to start clubbing some Anglo-Saxons from atop his steed..."

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