Norsgard Alliance Of The Bat Unlocked & New Stretch Goals!

November 14, 2014 by brennon

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The Norsgard Kickstarter has burst through another stretch goal unlocking the Alliance of the Bat Starter Set and also setting out new stretch goals for you to target as backers...

Alliance of the Bat Unlocked

So now you can pledge and get your hands on both the wolf-like Wulf'kin and their Dwarf allies. I can't wait to see the miniature for this as you might imagine so let's hope we see some early snippets soon!


Wulfkin Additional Parts

Silver Fury

The future stretch goals push on to unlock a really cool Orc Scout, some additional parts for the Wulf'kin and then finally a rather awesome looking female addition in the Silver Fury. Can't wait to see how lithe and dynamic the actual sculpt looks for her.

Plenty to get your head around for this game!

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