Norsgard Show Off Previews For The Alliance Of The Bat!

November 17, 2014 by brennon

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So far all we'd seen was one painted miniature and a few pieces of artwork for the Alliance of the Bat in Norsgard but now they've come out with some more renders and work-in-progress sculpts on Kickstarter for you to enjoy!

Dwarven Lord

Dwarf Ranger with Great Axe

Dwarf Ranger

We'll kick things off with my favourite subject, the Dwarves of said Alliance. At the top we have the Dwarven Lord complete with gun and a pair of rangers, one with a great axe and the other with axe and shield. I like their style of Dwarves that isn't like the norm. They've gone with a more Witcher or Dragon Age style of Dwarf with the shorter cropped beards and the barbarian style attire is cool too.

Wulfkin WIP

The Wulf'Kin aren't to be left out either as they have this render showing off one of the deadly were-creatures joining the Alliance. I like the challenging pose and it's always good to see more werewolf miniatures out there, there isn't enough of them.

The current stretch goal they're aiming for will unlock additional parts for said Wulf'Kin so if you want more werewolves you'll be wanting to pledge towards that.

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