North Star Preview Historical & Heavily Armoured Leaders

July 4, 2019 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has shown off some of the new miniatures coming for two of their lines. The first of these is their 1672 collection as we look to some Spanish Commanders from the Wars Of Louis XIV.

Wars Of Louis XIV Spanish - North Star

It looks like you're going to get yourself some rather dashing looking leaders who can be introduced alongside your regular infantry in games. All it makes me think of is the Musketeers! The detail on these miniatures is great though with lots of places to add those bold, block colours which make miniatures stand out on a tabletop.

Leading The Charge

As well as those Spanish troops we also got a preview of a new Heavy Armoured Dwarf Champion who will no doubt be leading your Dwarves in a shock assault on the enemy.

Heavy Armoured Dwarf Champion - North Star

I quite like the style of the heavy armour here, a mix of scale and regular chainmail. It means that it would at the very least be quite flexible for fighting in. The one thing I just can't get used to though are those face masks that they have on the front of their helmets. I think it looks just a little bit weird, even though I know it's there to protect their faces!

Oathmark is still quite a way off but there's plenty already out there for those looking to build up their force in readiness for it. You could build up your regiments for this mass battle game and then chuck them into Warlords Of Erehwon while you wait.

What do you make of these upcoming releases?

"...we also got a preview of a new Heavy Armoured Dwarf Champion"

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