North Star Unveil Monsters Hunting Through Frostgrave Ruins

October 18, 2019 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has been showing off some new monsters and creatures which will be finding their way to Frostgrave as part of their Perilous Dark Nickstarter coming soon. Leading the way we have some automatons and cunning villains.

Ballista Construct & Borock Half-Minotaur Gnoll Leader - North Star Military Figures

Here we have the Ballista Construct on the left here, a large machine which has been crafted using magic and science as a guardian of some long-forgotten tomb. On the other side, we have Borock the Half-Minotaur Gnoll Leader who would work as an awesome leader for your force of grizzled Gnolls, scampering around in the ruins for trinkets and other curiosities.

I am always a fan of seeing more monsters and other creatures from North Star for Frostgrave as they are always nice and inventive. I love the idea of being able to dive deep into a game like Frostgrave and have this massive collection of oddities to choose from during games.

Hunting Hounds

As well as the monstrous creatures above there's also the pack of Chronohounds who are from the pages of Perilous Dark.

Chronohounds - North Star Military Figures

These warped hounds look like they will be quite the pain to fight and I love their weird mottled look. I think they would pop well with a base colour, wash and drybrush to pick out all of the details. Then, go in and paint their licking tongues, flashing teeth and piercing eyes.

This is a great looking set of miniatures and it will be neat to see what else is coming down the pipeline as part of the Nickstarter.

What do you think?

" will be neat to see what else is coming down the pipeline as part of the Nickstarter"

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