North Star Preview Oathmark’s Mighty Goblin Wolf Rider Lord

January 2, 2020 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has been showing off a new model which will be coming alongside the pre-order of their new Oathmark Goblin Wolf Riders during early January. See what you make of Lord Bolga!

Lord Bolga Wolf Rider - North Star Military Figures

This fellow will be a very limited edition option for those who want to dive in and pick him up. They only made forty of him before the mould broke and so there will only be enough for (you guessed it) the first forty people who get pre-ordering during the early part of this month. He does look rather cool, calling his warriors to battle, mounted atop a howling wolf.

The plastic set for the Wolf Riders is a nice new offering for those building up their armies in anticipation of Oathmark's release later this year. You get the ability to build fifteen riders from the set armed with all sorts of different weapons.

Goblin Wolf Riders Artwork - North Star Military Figures

So, with the limited number of Lord Bolga's available to those who want to start a Goblin army, it's worth taking a peek at their Facebook Page and paying attention to their posts! Don't worry if you don't get Lord Bolga though as you can still fashion yourself a different leader with some of the metal models they have in the works too if you fancy an all-mounted force.

Will you be trying to get your hands on these new models?

"They only made forty of him before the mould broke..."

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