North Star Start Taking Pre-Orders For Ghost Archipelago Gods Of Fire

January 28, 2019 by brennon

North Star has taken to their pre-order system known as Nickstarter to bring to life the new Gods Of Fire expansion for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago alongside the plastic kits for their Tribal warriors.

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Gods Of Fire - North Star

The new Gods Of Fire expansion takes you to the Island Of Fire, a place inhabited by many different tribes and a focal point for those looking to adventure and find clues to the whereabouts of the Crystal Pool.

Included within the book you will find options for new scenarios, crewmen types, creatures, and treasure as well as rules for building tribes to act as adversaries OR perhaps allies of the Heritors on their quests. 

Adventuring Options

There are many options for those to get stuck into as part of the pre-order program including getting access to the original book (which is of course needed to play the game) and more.

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago - North Star

Previous expansions, treasures and characters that could be used for your various adventures are popping up as well as the various options for your Tribal warbands in both metal and plastic. I hope we get to see that monstrous looking Cyclops included as part of the pre-order program in the future.

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Tribals - North Star

I've said before that these Frostgrave kits are like wargaming LEGO as they come with so many different parts and they're always fun to put together. I'm currently working with some of their older kits to create miniatures for use in Rangers Of Shadow Deep but I may be tempted back into Frostgrave too where I can use my old warband I put together!

Ghost Archipelago was a nice change of scene for Frostgrave too, leaving the frozen city and instead embracing an entirely different aesthetic. I would hope we get to explore more of this Fantasy world in the future too later on down the line.

What do you think of Ghost Archipelago?

"I've said before that these Frostgrave kits are like wargaming LEGO..."

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