North Star Reveal More Rangers Of Shadow Deep Sculpts

April 13, 2019 by brennon

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North Star Military Figures has shown off a few more miniatures for Rangers Of Shadow Deep, giving you an insight into what they have been working on.

Shrouded Ranger - North Star

The first of the miniatures showcased was this brilliant looking Ranger drawing forth their sword. You could imagine this Ranger has just found themselves embroiled in the middle of an ambush, having to fight in a desperate struggle. I love the addition of the mask over the lower half of the face too, perfect for someone wanting to paint a shadowy Ranger.

Next up we have the first of the Female Rangers with twin swords at the ready.

Female Ranger With Daggers - North Star

I think she's probably going to end up as part of many people's warbands. I love the pose once again, aiming a challenge at some evildoer. I'm looking forward in particular to how people are going to paint these miniatures. I could imagine that there will be a lot of black and grey in here but also a few splashes of colour too, maybe with deep reds and greens.

Finally, we have another Female Ranger with Bow. She is looking rather cool indeed and hopefully, we'll get a bow armed male character too at some point.

Female Ranger With Bow - North Star

This is a great new set of previews and it has made a lot of people diving into Rangers Of Shadow Deep very happy indeed.

I am looking forward to seeing all of the Rangers and I might end up painting quite a few of them!

"I am looking forward to seeing all of the Rangers!"

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