North Star Releases First Rangers Of Shadow Deep Sets

May 24, 2019 by brennon

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Three new sets have been added to the North Star Military Figures webstore recently. Remember those cool Rangers Of Shadow Deep miniatures they have been working on? Well, they are now available for you to snap up.

Rangers Of Shadowdeep #1 - North Star Military Figures

The miniatures have been split up into two different sets, both containing a male and female Ranger for you to use in your games. Set One (pictured above) features the Ranger from the cover, grizzled and holding the head of a terrible creature.

Set Two offers a female Ranger with a bow and another male Ranger drawing his sword, ready to strike.

Rangers Of Shadowdeep #2 - North Star Military Figures

Both sets are pretty awesome and I'm very tempted just to buy both of them so I have a lot of choices when it comes to diving into the game. It's going to be fun working on painting them in greys and blacks with those little touches of colour to break up the dark and shadowy aesthetic.

Buzz Off!

As well as the Rangers there's also the set of Giant Flies which mark the beginning of their monster collection for the game.

Giant Flies - North Star Military Figures

The idea is that North Star Military Figures are going to work on some of the more bespoke miniatures that get mentioned in the rulebook. So, as well as flies I'm sure we'll see other creatures and characters popping up along the way.

Are you tempted by these new models?

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