Northern Barbarians Band Together In Unreleased Previews

February 19, 2018 by brennon

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The team at Unreleased Miniatures have been previewing their new Northern Barbarians which are going to be popping up on their webstore soon.

Northern Barbarian Champion - Unreleased Miniatures

The newest set of previews focus on a command group for your force. This included the Champion that you see above, hauling around a head that he has sliced off what looks to be an unfortunate Elf.

You will also be able to snap up this Hornblower, which I thought was the best looking of the bunch.

Northern Barbarian Hornblower - Unreleased Miniatures

Completing the set you also have this Banner Bearer who will carry your colours into battle ahead of your raging horde of warriors.

Northern Barbarian Banner Bearer - Unreleased Miniatures

Whilst these miniatures have been simply labelled as Barbarians it should be noted that they'd make rather good Dunlendings for your battles in Middle-earth. Funnily enough, the team at Unreleased Miniatures do create quite the diverse range of alternative and additional figures that would work well for those collecting Hobbit and Lord of the Rings forces.

You can see their Evil and Good forces from their webstore and tell us what catches your eye.

Do you like these new Barbarians?

"...hauling around a head that he has sliced off what looks to be an unfortunate Elf"

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