Northumbrian’s Catty Barbarian Gets A Lick Of Paint

October 26, 2019 by brennon

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Northumbrian Tin Soldier are closing in on their Kickstarter for the Cats Of Crumptown which looks to turn iconic D&D classes into adventurous felines. With that in mind here's one last preview from them as they showed off the painted MowwGaar The Barbarian.

MowwGaar The Barbarian - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

MowwGarr here was painted by John Morris and I would say that he has done a smashing job on the model. Again, I love the exaggerated features that Northumbrian Tin Soldier is able to work into their models and it really adds another dose of character into the mix.

Cats Of Crumptown Big

I love the way that Morris has painted this model too, picking out some awesome texture in the fur and getting the warpaint/woad just right too. A great model!

Will you be backing the campaign when it launches next week?

"I love the way that Morris has painted this model..."

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