Odd Characters Pop Up From Northumbrian Tin Soldier

August 13, 2019 by brennon

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Northumbrian Tin Soldier always offer up a wonderfully quirky and characterful set of miniatures for use in your games. Building on the Nightfolk we have The Wayfarer leading the way.

The Wayfarer - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

The Wayfarer seems like an interesting goblin whap who is clad in some very fancy armour. He could well be a guardian who watches the roadways and paths through the forest or someone who dwells down in the dark, keeping an eye out for nasty adventurers who come to harm his kin.

If you work with him being the defender of some underground realm then he might end up bumping into some of the Toadshrooms.

Toadshrooms - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

I like the idea that these Toadshrooms are all sentient but they only show their faces when there are intruders nearby and they need to attack or scare them away. You could either build them up onto larger bases as they have done here or keep them separate, especially the characters and use them as objectives perhaps in your games.

A Guttering Torch...

When it comes to the opposite side of the coin we have the Nightfolk Hunters and this is where the Alone In The Dark Adventurer comes in.

Alone In The Dark - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

These gentlemen and ladies aren't the nicest of people. They are out to hunt the Nightfolk and 'deal' with them. I could imagine this fellow heading into the dark with his comrades only to be set upon by the Wayfarer we've seen above and some of his soldiers.

Sneaky Sock Thief

As well as these new releases I had to share a peek at some more of the quirky range from Northumbrian Tin Soldier. Here we have their Sock Thief who is running away with all the stinky socks from the nearby village.

The Sock Thief - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

Again, this is another fun look at goblins and creepy folk within this world. It seems like The Sock Theif might have ended up robbing far more than just socks either and some unfortunate soul has got added into the bag too!

I love the idea of making up a scenario where your guards have to hunt down The Sock Thief in town whilst someone else controls him, rushing between the buildings looking for more woollen loot.

What do you make of the new releases from Northumbrian Tin Soldier?

"I love the idea of making up a scenario where your guards have to hunt down The Sock Thief in town..."

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