Offensive Miniatures Sound The Horn On New Napoleonics

May 26, 2020 by brennon

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Offensive Miniatures don't just make some fun World War II miniatures. They also produce a range of Napoleonic miniatures called Follow The Drum. Their latest releases for the range included a set of French Dragoons.

French Dragoons #1 - Offensive Miniatures

The packs from Offensive Miniatures break down into their Command element followed by Centre Company and then Elite Company. You can either buy each set of three miniatures or buy yourself a full set of twelve miniatures (a few extras) in one go.

French Dragoons #2 - Offensive Miniatures

Once again, anything Napoleonic does make me immediately want to pick up miniatures and start a little army. I love the uniforms and the amount of detail you can work into them. I must admit, it does turn me off when I realise just how many horses I'd have to paint though. Maybe I'll stick to my foot-based skirmishing idea!

-5ecd0e6794d6f--5ecd0e6794d71French Dragoons #3 - Offensive Miniatures.jpg

All of the miniatures have been sculpted to match their historical counterparts so you're not going to be wanting for accuracy with these figures. They are also in 28mm so you can add them into the mix alongside any range out there and be safe in the knowledge they should work nicely.

What do you think of these mounted fellows?

"They are also in 28mm so you can add them into the mix alongside any range out there..."

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