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October 5, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius has fired up pre-orders for two new sets of miniatures and a pack of terrain for those diving into The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms some more. These new characters will be familiar to those who have dived into this generation defying roleplaying game alongside both the Imperials and Stormcloaks.

Imperial Officers Expansion - Modiphius

Imperial Officers Expansion // Modiphius

The first set is a selection of Imperials who you could use as your main character of choice or as companions for the Dovahkiin. You could also use them as interesting folk to encounter on the road if you're doing something a little more narrative with the game.

In this set, you'll get General Tullius, Legate Rikke, a Priestess Of Arkay, the Imperial Headsman and a general Imperial Captain too. So, if you're looking to lead the fight against the Stormcloaks you've now got some hardy veterans to have at your side. I particularly like the Headsman with that hefty axe!

If you're more of a Stormcloak sympathiser then Modiphius have you sorted too with the Chieftains set.

Stormcloak Chieftains Expansion - Modiphius

Stormcloak Chieftains Expansion // Modiphius

Neither side in the war for Skyrim has a particularly noble goal (which is what makes the choice so good!) but if you're interested in making Skyrim a Nords-only land then you now have some support there too.

This set gives you the king-killer Ulfric Stormcloak, Galmar Stonefist, Heimskr and then a Stormcloak Quartermaster and General for you to use in your games. Again, these would make good options for those wanting to take on a role other than that of the Dragonborn in their games.

Exploring Bleak Falls Barrow Terrain

In an effort to add more life (or unlife) to your tabletops you can also pick up the Bleak Falls Barrow Tomb Scatter set which comes with a number of resin pieces.

Bleak Falls Barrow Tomb Scatter - Modiphius

Bleak Falls Barrow Tomb Scatter // Modiphius

Here you got two different Draugr Sarcophagi which can be placed upright and horizontally. You also get a freestanding brazier, a brazier on a rocky plinth and then a bunch of urns which you find dotted around these dusty barrows. Make sure that you dot these around in place of tokens so when you're searching for treasure you've got something nice and interactive to play with.

This is all available to pre-order now ahead of a release at the end of the month! What do you make of this new kit for The Elder Scrolls?

Which side will you be supporting?

"This is all available to pre-order now ahead of a release at the end of the month!"

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