Onyx Path Go Ghost Hunting In World Of Darkness

October 12, 2020 by brennon

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Onyx Path is on Kickstarter right now with their new project to bring World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters to the tabletop using the 20th Anniversary rules and collection as a backdrop. Are you ready for spooky spectral situations?

Ghost Hunters - World Of Darkness

Ghost Hunters // World Of Darkness

Are the core of this experience you'll be taking on the role of Ghost Hunters who are seeking to understand the paranormal and work out the truth from the lies. Will you find yourself learning more than you bargained for about a real-life spirit? Maybe you'll instead find yourself unmasking a charlatan who has been playing with the emotions of others for profit? There are plenty of ways that you can take this!

Remember that whilst there might be those who are trying to trick you, in the World Of Darkness things do go bump in the night so something more sinister might be behind everything you investigate. Included in the new anniversary version of the book you'll find...

  • Chapter One: Origins of the Hunt shows modern ghost hunting in the World of Darkness through a series of in-character journal entries, e-mails, and news articles detailing its history and rise in popularity. This chapter reveals how the explosion of paranormal investigators has been both a blessing and a curse to “serious” ghost hunters.
  •  Chapter Two: Tools, Tactics, and Troubles covers the methodology and common practices of paranormal investigators. This chapter then talks about how ghost hunters find cases, how they recruit new members, and how they set up shop when investigating a possible haunting or other sighting.
  •  Chapter Three: Ghost-Hunting Organizations introduces a variety of organizations that hunt ghosts, search for haunted artifacts, and are obsessed with lore. Groups like the Orphic Circle and the Chamber of Corvi reveal their modus operandi, how they recruit or hire outside investigators, and whether those organizations are fronts for something much darker.
  •  Chapter Four: Mediums highlights the existence of mediums, both real and fake, while covering how they intersect with ghost hunting. This chapter introduces types of mediums within different occult traditions, and families who’ve inherited such abilities over generations.
  •  Chapter Five: Character Creation details how to create mortal player characters to investigate the paranormal. It introduces new Merits & Flaws, new Backgrounds, Numina, and equipment that’ll help them discover and deal with ghosts.
  •  Chapter Six: Case Files comprises a series of in-character journal entries by one ghost hunter, documenting police reports, newspaper clippings, and e-mails detailing possible haunted houses, monster sightings, and unexplained murders and/or disappearances.
  •  Chapter Seven: Storytelling ties the book together by showing how paranormal investigators can be introduced as player characters or as antagonists in a 20th Anniversary World of Darkness chronicle. Storytellers will find this chapter loaded with advice on how to introduce this aspect into an existing game or launch a new chronicle.
  •  Appendix: Ghosts and the Undead provides a set of generalized rules for ghosts that can be used in place of Storyteller rules found in 20th Anniversary game lines such as Wraith: The Oblivion or Vampire: The Masquerade.

You will need one of the previous books (Werewolf, Vampire, Changeling, Mage or Wraith) in order to use this but those rules can be snapped up quite easily to get the most out of this supplement.

Ghost Hunters Artwork - World Of Darkness

Ghost Hunters Artwork // World Of Darkness

I think this is a great idea and I could see a lot of groups having some serious fun with this. One of the elements of World Of Darkness that I always enjoyed from a mortal perspective was the ability to tell stories where someone entirely unprepared had to try and work out the best way to deal with something seriously deadly. This gives you the options to do this but from a more subtle perspective.

I like the idea that you could turn Ghost Hunters into an episodic campaign, which would be helpful for everyone in the modern day when it's so hard to connect regularly for roleplaying sessions. You could introduce and remove characters as you see fit to match the coming investigation and condense it all into a single evening's entertainment.

Are you tempted to back this on Kickstarter?

"I like the idea that you could turn Ghost Hunters into an episodic campaign..."

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