Onyx Path Get Kickstarting Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition

February 7, 2020 by brennon

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Onyx Path has taken to Kickstarter to fund a new second edition of Hunter: The Vigil. The aim is to delve in and bring a new hardcover edition of the book to both backers and retailers.

Hunter The Vigil - Onyx Path

Hunter: The Vigil is a roleplaying game set during the Chronicles of Darkness where you and a bunch of friends play as mere mortals who find themselves facing off against a world full of monsters. Your characters will begin as people struggling against strange creatures with little or no support. Over time, your hunters might end up being backed by a compact which gives them the support they need and weapons to defend themselves across a wider stage.

Finally, if you make it to the final tier you will find yourself dealing with global conspiracies which could threaten the very fabric of reality and everything that normal people hold dear. All of this is wrapped up in storytelling devices where you must try and steady your nerves, put your fear aside and conquer the things that go bump in the night.

Hunter The Vigil Art - Onyx Path

This new edition of the game looks to introduce an updated storyline where there are more monsters than ever before. You are tasked with researching, hunting and capturing (or killing) whatever monsters you can find so that you can uphold the vigil and stand against the forces of darkness. There might even be a few dark motes of light within your own characters too and following those threads could lead to some interesting circumstances.

Here is what is included...

  • Chapter One: Flickering Candles provides an overview of a hunter’s world; the history of the hunt; the types of hunters you can play; and three, separate types of gameplay included in this book: tiers one, two, and three.
  •  Chapter Two: Compacts and Conspiracies are specialized hunter organizations that may be used for tier-two or -three games. In this chapter, you’ll read more about Hunter lore and the history of the compacts and conspiracies, find write-ups for six compacts and six conspiracies, along with rules for tier-three Endowments and how to make them.
  •  Chapter Three: Character Creation allows you to build and customize a character. You’ll learn how hunters retain one foot in an unsuspecting world and another in the Vigil. Plus, you’ll discover more about the Code and how it shapes hunters’ core identities and beliefs.
  •  Chapter Four: Rules of the Hunt dives into the rules for gameplay. It also offers rules for specific aspects of Hunter that includes investigation and socializing along with teamwork and Tactics.
  •  Chapter Five: Monsters Around the World offers a taste of the strange and unusual monsters hunters may come across during the hunt. Sample monsters are presented according to the type of terrain from which they originate along with notes for how these creatures may be modified. Additionally, monster-creation rules, ephemeral-entity rules, and Dread Powers are found in this chapter.
  •  Chapter Six: Mysterious Places takes another look at the Hunter setting by introducing where monsters live, locations the supernatural has tainted, and which places are actually monsters themselves. It offers new rules to handle each type of location, along with several examples.
  •  Chapter Seven: The Slasher Chronicle is a sample chronicle setting. Yanked from the slasher-movie genre, the Slasher Chronicle is a horror-movie-themed setting that includes a new slasher-specific compact and conspiracy, rules for building slashers, customized approaches for tier-one, -two, and -three gameplay, new Storyteller characters, and more!
  •  Chapter Eight: Storytelling offers advice for Storytellers to help build and manage a chronicle while fleshing out rules for Storyteller characters. Additional content includes advice for creating player-facing compacts and conspiracies.
  • The Appendices provide Equipment, Conditions, and Tilts likely to come into play in Hunter.

This all sounds very cool indeed and I have always liked the Hunter storyline within the World/Chronicles of Darkness. I really like that X-Files/Supernatural feel to games where you are totally outmatched against a superior foe and you need to work together in order to try and stop some terrible event from happening. Having things stacked against you really does bring a group together and make you consider how you approach situations!

So, are you tempted to snap up this new edition from Kickstarter?

"I really like that X-Files/Supernatural feel to games where you are totally outmatched against a superior foe..."

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