Operation Sirocco & New Dystopian Wars Boxed Sets

July 5, 2013 by brennon

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Dystopian Wars is fast becoming one of the go-to games at clubs and with small groups of gamers and Spartan Games don't disappoint when it comes to releasing more content...

Operation Sirocco

First up we have the Campaign Book: Operation Sirocco...

"Early 1872: the World War roars into North and East Africa. The Republique of France prepares to launch its forces across the Mediterranean to capture, and secure, the resource-rich territories of Western New Carthage with the help of its Prussian and Italian allies. But this will not be an easy task; the Kingdom of Britannia has reinforced its garrisons in the region, drawing in divisions from the far corners of the Empire. With the Ottoman Empire having pledged to join the Imperial Bond, the Britannians have sent an expeditionary force northwards into the Red Sea and the Ottoman East African territories.

Our latest Dystopian Wars book details this exciting campaign and delivers nine exciting scenarios that play out key moments of the narrative. This book also sees the first physical print of the exciting Armoured Clash ground combat rules, designed to make battles between vast Brigades of Tanks and Land Ships faster and deadlier. This 192 page book is packed from cover to cover with detailed information about the campaign, maps, scenarios and let's not forget an entire set of tabletop rules"

...which all sounds pretty awesome indeed. I love scenario driven gameplay with a story behind it and Campaign Books like this aid in the telling of a gripping story. I also like the addition of the Armoured Clash combat rules!

Dystopian Wars Releases

You will also be able to add some extras to your force with...

Kingdom of Britannia Wolf Pack Flotilla
Prussian Empire Wolf Pack Flotilla
Federated States Aerial Support Group
Empire of the Blazing Sun Strike Flotilla
Russian Coalition Battle Flotilla
Russian Coalition Armoured Hunter Group
Russian Coalition Support Flotilla
Russian Coalition Subterranean Group
Russian Coalition Aerial Battle Group
Russian Coalition Ground Fortifications

So something for pretty everyone I'd say! Dystopian Wars is a big winner as I mentioned before and I think it has something to do with all those gorgeous models that they put out.

I must admit though I am a fan of Uncharted Seas myself and I'm looking forwards to their skirmish based game set in that universe.

Will you be getting into Operation Sirocco?

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