Orc Vets And Dark Space Elf Heads Appear At MaxMini

March 9, 2019 by dracs

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MaxMini have some new scifi releases appearing, starting with a selection of Orc Veterans, followed by some Dark Space Elf Heads heading to 3D print.

Veterans Of The Orc Alliance

MaxMini have some of the best orc options out there and their new set of Orc Alliance Veterans keeps to this reputation.

Given how often the orcs are at war, it must be rare for them to live long enough to become veterans. These ones, however, look every bit tough enough to have earned that status.

My favourite has to be the shotgun-wielding doc at the bottom right. His spectacles are a particularly nice touch.

The Heads Of The Fallen

MaxMini also presented a preview of some new head options getting ready for 3D printing.

These head options are well suited for the fallen space elves of the future. There is something particularly piratical about some of them, such that I would use them to create a thematic Aeldarii Corsair force.

Let us know your thoughts on these in the comments below.

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