Osprey’s Oathmark Gathers A Warband Of Elves In Plastic

January 18, 2018 by brennon

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Osprey Games are on course to bring the awesome world of Oathmark to life soon. At present we're still getting a load of miniatures to warm us up though with North Star previewing the plastic Elves!

Oathmark Elves #1

Taking some cues from the original preview, the team behind the miniatures decided to change the size of the plume on the helmets and make it so that you can remove it if you like too.

Oathmark Elves #2

It looks like the set will follow the cue of existing plastic sets for the Dwarves and Goblins in that it will contain a myriad of weapon options including bows, swords and spears. Once again they have a nice Tolkien-esque look to them, looking like some of the older representations of them from the 60s and 70s.

Oathmark Elves (Scale)

It's steadily becoming quite hard not to create a series of warbands for Battle Companies using these models as the basis for it. You could very easily make warbands for Durin's Folk, Rivendell and Moria out of these kits.


As well as this look at the Elves we also got a peek ahead at the Humans with this metal test figure that was sculpted up to be the basis for the range.

Oathmark Human Test Model

I think the model looks awesome and manages to get across a range of different cultures from the Roman looking shield to the more Dark Age/Medieval armour and helmet design. Once again, a nice new fit for Middle-earth perhaps as Gondorians?

What do you think of these newest previews?

"You could very easily make warbands for Durin's Folk, Rivendell and Moria out of these kits..."

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