Otherworld Unleash Magic, Elves & Giant Slugs On Fantasy Adventurers

April 1, 2021 by brennon

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Otherworld Miniatures has been showing off a few new releases for those looking to expand their collection of models for use in Fantasy tabletop adventures. If you're into roleplaying games then the folks at Otherworld (usually) have something for everyone.

Female Sorceress - Otherworld Miniatures

Female Sorceress // Otherworld Miniatures

The first miniature is the Female Sorceress who is preparing to weave deadly spells out of the fabric of reality and unleash them on her foes. Sculpted by Kevin White, she looks bloomin' awesome and seems to be in the midst of casting a spell. I always like seeing heroic adventurers who look like they are in the act of doing something rather than just standing around.

A new Skeleton Warrior figure has popped up too. Sculpted by Paul Muller, this could well be the villain that you've been looking for.

Skeleton Warrior - Otherworld Miniatures

Skeleton Warrior // Otherworld Miniatures

This fellow looks like someone who could well have been a champion of good back in the day. However, maybe he was struck by a curse and is now doomed to forever serve some terrible lich! He wouldn't look out of place at the head of a band of skeleton warriors who are looking to drag you down into the underworld!

Perhaps you fancy an encounter out in the wilds instead? Well, you can also now pick up a set of three Wood Elves from Otherworld too.

Wood Elves - Otherworld Miniatures

Wood Elves // Otherworld Miniatures

These figures also come from Paul Muller and show a band of hunters, rangers and wardens who are probably very annoyed that you've entered their domain. The miniatures are single-piece metal figures apart from the shields which you can glue on nice and easily.

I really like these as they could be used as player characters or NPCs that you run into on the road. It would make a change to fight angry Wood Elves instead of just goblins and orcs! Maybe you'll convince them with a good persuasion roll?

The last release is a revamp of an older miniature. Here we have a monstrous Giant Slug!

Remastered Giant Slug - Otherworld Miniatures

Remastered Giant Slug // Otherworld Miniatures

This monstrous sculpt by Nick Genovese has been retooled and remastered to release once more on unwary dungeon delvers. Imagine following that slick trail of slime that weaves its way through dungeon halls only to see this lunge out of the darkness!

The main body of the creature is resin and the two eye stalks are metal. So, it shouldn't be that hard to put together! I would love to see someone drop this into their games of D&D as a fiendishly different foe.

What do you make of these newest releases?

"Imagine following that slick trail of slime that weaves its way through dungeon halls only to see this lunge out of the darkness!"

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