Perry Answer Uncle Sam’s Call As US Infantry Go To Pre-Order

March 31, 2019 by dracs

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Perry Miniatures have announced that their new WWII US Infantry are coming with them to Salute and are now available to pre-order from their webstore.

The box contains forty-two plastic figures. Not only is that number the answer to life, the universe, and everything, it provides you with enough to represent a full strength platoon, plus HQ.

In 1942 a company comprised of three platoons each of three sections of 12 men, at full strength, plus an HQ of five men. There was also a Weapons Platoon comprising of two .30 Browning machine guns (included) and three 60mm mortars (not included but available in our metal range). Each section included a corporal and five Garand armed riflemen (although early on there was a rifleman equipped with a Springfield rifle and grenade launcher), two Garand armed scouts, two Garand armed assistants to the BAR as well as the BAR gunner plus a sergeant often armed with a Garand but occasionally equipped with a carbine or Thompson SMG.
- Perry Miniatures

As you can see, the figures keep to Perry's usual attention to detail and accuracy. I particularly like how they have given plenty of options for stands and motion, giving each model a bit more opportunity for individuality.

The box sets are also available as part of "The Big Red One Deal", getting you a free General George S. Patton when you buy three of them.

Accompanied by his aide, this miniature brings one of the more larger-than-life figures of WW2 to the table and makes for an excellent leader for your army.

What are your thoughts on these figures?

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