Persians Get Unleashed For Footsore’s Mortal Gods

August 12, 2019 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures & Games has now released a bunch of their Persians into the mix for those playing Mortal Gods. You'll have noticed these updates to the range before in previews and such but you can now grab them alongside their cards.

Padan Persian Lochagos - Footsore Miniatures

The range of models is led by the Padan Persian Lochagos here who acts as the leader of your force, able to lay down the law and make sure that your warriors fight until the end. He is then backed up with additional hero support by the likes of the Immortal.

Persian Immortal - Footsore Miniatures

These feared warriors were some of the best in the Persian army and were given their name because it seemed impossible to beat them in battle. Much like the Spartans they were trained at an early age to be warriors and do nothing but kill.

Backing up heroes like these are also a lot of solid troop options for your force. So, check them out below...


Persian Spearmen - Footsore Miniatures


Persian Sparabara - Footsore Miniatures


Persian Archers - Footsore Miniatures

These options will make up the core of your force and give you a good backbone from which to work on building the rest of your force. I think it's good to have a nice mix of ranged and melee options within this force, giving you lots of flexibility. The Persian force is also another good excuse to really get stuck into painting bright and colourful ancient armies!

Make sure to dive into the Mortal Gods range if you'd like to have a deep dive into an awesome Ancient skirmish game.

Drop your thoughts below on the Persians!

"Drop your thoughts below on the Persians!"

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