Peter’s Paperboys Consider Venturing Into Fantasy Flats

August 18, 2020 by brennon

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Peter's Paperboys have been producing some fantastic looking Historical "miniatures" for a while now. You can get a whole bunch of great paper models to cut out for a variety of different periods of history but now they appear to be looking towards the realm of Fantasy and specifically Rus Fantasy.

Fantasy Rus - Peters Paperboys

Fantasy Rus // Peter's Paperboys

The idea according to Peter Dennis is to work on a series of new paper products which can be used for both Historical games but also as heroes within tales of Rus folklore and Fantasy. You will be able to take these individuals and their warrior bands and pit them against a terrifying force of creatures from the woods.

There are even plans to develop this range alongside a game too. Each "Chapter" that Dennis produces will contain a game scenario driven by the "King Dice" system plus all of the figures that you need and the appropriate terrain too. The system seems very fitting for Fantasy and allows for traditional play between two opponents but also solo play too where it's you against the game.

As well as some of the Rus heroes we also get a peek at some of the creatures that Dennis has been working on behind the scenes as well.

Fantasy Creatures - Peters Paperboys

Fantasy Creatures // Peter's Paperboys

Known as the "White Ants" by woodsmen, this looks like a horde of very fascinating creatures for your warriors to go up against. A lot of the influence on Dennis' work comes from Ivan Bilibin who was a Russian illustrator with a great wealth of knowledge when it came to history and folklore.

This is a really nice and experimental turn for Peter Dennis and Paperboys to explore and I am very interested to see what comes of it. We tend to get a lot of games based on both North and Western European Fantasy but very little which draws on Eastern European folklore and myth. I think this could be a lot of fun and because it's all in paper, you can dip your toe into it all without a massive cost upfront!

What do you think of this idea?

"A lot of the influence on Dennis' work comes from Ivan Bilibin..."

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