Petition Appears For IKEA To Make Affordable Gaming Tables

August 16, 2017 by dracs

A petition has started on to persuade IKEA to start producing a range of affordable tabletop gaming tables.

IKEA Petition

IKEA are well known for creating affordable furniture and the idea of getting cheap, readily available gaming tables is one that does definitely appeal.

IKEA is an industry leader in creating multi-functional furniture at affordable prices. The tabletop gaming community is already a heavy user of IKEA's KALLAX product as it is an efficient way to store and display their gaming collections. An affordable multi-function gaming table designed by IKEA would be an incredible addition to not only IKEA's line up of products, but the board gaming community's list of essential gaming accessories.

Custom gaming tables are already provided by a number of companies, such as

Board Game Tables

Board Game Table

IKEA, with its wide ranging availability, could possibly open up such products to those who might not otherwise have been able to access them.

While this petition would have no actual binding effect should it succeed, it could at the very least show there is a market for such products and, as board games head more into the mainstream, it would be very cool to see the hobby supported by big businesses in such a way.

Winter Comes To IKEA

IKEA have also been making a bit of a splash in the geek community lately, as it was revealed that the fur cloaks on Game of Thrones are in fact made from their rugs, dyed and shaped.

Nights Watch Cloaks

Sheepskin Rug

In response to this, IKEA have published brief instructions on how to turn their rugs into cloaks on their Facebook.

Cloaks Instructions

It's fun to see them taking this in a spirit of good humour.

Simple hacks like this are great for LARP players and other costume makers as it helps you to come up with cheap, effective costume pieces for your characters.

Will you sign this petition? Do you plan to turn your rug into a cloak? Or visce versa?

"It would be very cool to see the hobby supported by big businesses in such a way."

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