Pirates Begin Raiding The Coast Of Zenit’s Kensei

November 5, 2018 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has produced a collection of New Pirates which will be raiding the coast of Kensei. This new band of warriors and bandits get themselves some new characters and regular troops too.

Rida Teppo - Zenit Miniatures

Leading the way we have Rida Teppo here, decked out with black powder weapons which have been snagged from explorers and invaders I don't doubt. You could see this fellow leading a raid off their ship towards a small fishing town, burning down houses and looting the goods stored there on the way.

Two more characters have also been included alongside the new releases with the Gunso Yari...

Gunso Yari - Zenit Miniatures

...and Gunso Nagimaki on side. Each of these could be the second in command to the first fellow we bumped into.

Gunso Nagimaki - Zenit Miniatures

I love their wild and rugged look, properly playing on the aesthetic of pirates out there to just grab whatever they can. Whilst it has been nice to see Zenit doing some work on their Fantasy range it's good that we get more options for the slightly more Historical side too, offering up a new faction for people to play as.

Wild Raiders

You can't have a bunch of pirates without a crew and you can pick up both a band of Bandits With Nagimaki...

Bandits Nagimaki - Zenit Miniatures

...and Pirates With Katana. Once again, these sets show off some awesome new sculpts which are full of action and offer up a range of unique troops for your skirmishing warbands and the like.

Pirates Katana - Zenit Minaitures

As I mentioned above, this range shows off more depth for Kensei and plenty of opportunities for you to tell different stories on the tabletop. I think it would be great to have your Samurai having to band together to stop raiding pirates.

You could even have these Pirates joining forces with the invading 'Spanish' army as mercenaries, turning against the people of their own land for gold and glory.

What do you think of the new releases?

"You could even have these Pirates joining forces with the invading 'Spanish' army as mercenaries..."

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