Face Down Plague Zombies From North Star In Stargrave!

September 1, 2021 by brennon

We showed off some of the pre-orders that were available from North Star Military Figures last week for Osprey Games' Sci-Fi skirmisher, Stargrave. Well, we now got peeks at the Plague Zombies which are going to be shambling out of the shadows to hunt your crew!

Plague Zombies #1 - Stargrave

Plague Zombies // Stargrave

There are three packs for you to choose from which come with a lot of terribly mutated and twisted crewmen of some distant facility. I love that they are still in their flight suits and such; as if they were twisted in the midst of exploring and/or looting a facility.

Plague Zombies #2 - Stargrave

I also like that they aren't all the same. You've got lots of different-looking Plague Zombies as part of this collection. Imagine breaking into an old spaceship and seeing the pilot loom out of the cockpit!

Plague Zombies #3 - Stargrave

You've also got some Plague Zombies who have remembered their past lives. I see these as the poor security forces of the facility who tried in vain to stop the zombies from overwhelming their checkpoints. They now point their guns at the living!

Finally, we also have a separate set that introduces a Bloater Zombie into the mix. This big fellow ended up taking a bath in the wrong toxic liquid clearly.

Plague Zombie Bloater - Stargrave

Plague Zombie Bloater // Stargrave

There are some fun options for those diving into Stargrave already from North Star and this just builds on an already packed collection. I imagine there are already a lot of eager people ready to dive into the expanded campaign options available in Quarantine 37.

Are you going to be picking these up?

"You've got lots of different-looking Plague Zombies as part of this collection..."

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