New Plastic Wizard Kit Coming To Frostgrave From North Star

January 15, 2019 by brennon

North Star has previewed some of the new plastic kits coming to their Frostgrave collection. As well as the Tribal kit there will also be a new Frostgrave Wizards Plastic Set which has got a lot of people very excited.

Frostgrave Wizards Plastic Kit - North Star

It is going to be fascinating seeing how many different options you get in this box. Wizards are very personalised creations in Frostgrave and so there's going to have to be a good wealth of options in here to please folks.

Of course, this kit can be mixed and matched with the other plastic kits for Frostgrave, opening up the possibilities even further to include new heads, bodies, weapons, accessories and more. As long as I can make that chap at the front with the crazy eyes, staff and spellbook I'm grand!

Tribal Warriors

As well as the Frostgrave Wizards you can also soon get your hands on the Tribal set for those of you venturing to the Ghost Archipelago.

Tribals - North Star

Once again, if you're looking to include some new options when it comes to building a warband or using them as enemies for your adventurers to fight against, there are plenty of choices here.

Tribals Painted - North Star

For me, the Frostgrave range is becoming a great resource as a Dungeon Master. You can get so many different looking creatures, characters and more from their range (both plastic and metal) for filling dungeons.

With the addition of the Oathmark range as well they've started to bring some familiar Fantasy elements into the mix too. As we've seen in plenty of kitbashing photos and the like, there's plenty of cool options when it comes to mixing and matching those kits too.

What do you think of the new releases? 

"For me, the Frostgrave range is becoming a great resource as a Dungeon Master..."

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