Play In Zero Gravity With A Magnetic Board Game On Kickstarter

September 14, 2018 by dracs

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District Games are Kickstarting a game using magnets to create a 3D board.  Think you can play in Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity is a scifi capture the flag game in which you control one of four different teams trying to come out on top.

The teams include the Tokyo Demons

The Nordic Sharks

The Moscow Jackals

And the Milwaukee Eagles.

They must contend with various beasts, bombs and each other to be named the winners.

The game takes place across a magnetised board, letting your miniatures walk up over the walls, or drop down from the ceiling.

It is this innovation that really makes the game stand out and elevates it from what could well be a fairly standard scifi sports game otherwise.

However, while I really like the idea of the magnetised, 3D board, I do wonder just how easy it is to play on in this form.

It does seem that this is the game's second time on Kickstarter. The game ran last year and succeeded in doubling its initial stretch goal before it was cancelled.

Hopefully this time it will see it through to the end.

What is your opinion of Zero Gravity? Will you be checking out its Kickstarter?

"This innovation that really makes the game stand out."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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