PlayFusion Talk Tournament Formats For Age Of Sigmar: Champions

September 1, 2018 by brennon

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PlayFusion has talked more about the Tournament Format which will be used for those looking to play Age Of Sigmar: Champions competitively at stores and the like.

Charging Black Knight - Age Of Sigmar Champions

PlayFusion also took to Twitter recently to show off some of the alternative card designs (pretty much black & white) that you'll be seeing as part of the prize pool for your games of Age Of Sigmar: Champions. I'll show off more throughout this news piece...

But, I digress. The Tournament Format for Age Of Sigmar: Champions will be called Pitched Battle.

Soul Feast - Age Of Sigmar Champions

Pitched Battle will follow the normal rules for a game of Champions but with a few tweaks. For example, you will be able to bring 5 heroes to the tabletop BUT only (up to) twenty of them can be used per game. This works as a sideboard of heroes which can be changed between games if things aren't going well.

Transmogrifying Flamer - Age Of Sigmar Champions

Additionally, you will be able to bring a sideboard of nine cards which can be drawn from across the spectrum to help you change your tactics on the fly.

War Chant - Age Of Sigmar Champions

The normal rules apply however so you'll still have to do some good deckbuilding to make a force which can take on all-comers. You don't HAVE to show your opponent what cards you've left out either which means that there is still a level of uncertainty between games as they get drawn out across a day.

I do wish that they had done some full-bleed art cards for Age Of Sigmar: Champions to be honest. The black & white design is nice but imagine seeing cards with artwork which practically encompasses the entire cards!

What do you think of the Pitched Battle rules?

"I do wish that they had done some full-bleed art cards for Age Of Sigmar: Champions to be honest..."

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