Playtesting & Solidifying The Vision For Black Site’s Hametsu!

January 3, 2023 by brennon

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With 2023 rolling around, Black Site Studios has been talking more about Hametsu, their new Samurai miniatures game which has you playing as monster hunters looking to bring down terrifying beasts.

The Story Of Hametsu: Episode 3 // Black Site Studios

This is the third episode in their documentary series (see more of it here) which is charting the creation and development of their new game, Hametsu. In this latest episode, the team talk about playtesting and working through the final vision for the project.

The video (above) shows off some more of the artwork going into the book, a bit of the miniature design going into the project and some of the early playtest moments. The team are planning to release the game towards the end of January but it seems like that might slip into February.

Either way, Black Site Studios have done some sterling stuff over the last while with their small miniature wargames. Yafsiga featured some fascinating mechanics and Don't Look Back and Lunar are both excellent small-scale games with tight skirmish combat to get stuck into.

I am very eager to see what Hametsu looks like when it hits the tabletop. Who could say no to Samurai monster hunters?

Have you been keeping up with Hametsu's production?

"Who could say no to Samurai monster hunters?"

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