Pokemon-Like Creatures For RPGS In Battlezoo Eldamon!

July 27, 2022 by fcostin

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Have you been looking for a familiar to keep you company on your RPG travels? A small elemental buddy that will be by your side through battles, adventures and aiding in your tasks at hand. Now, I am very aware that this sounds like I am explaining some form of Pokemon to embed into a campaign. That's exactly what the Battlezoo Eldamon is bringing to the table, Pokemon-inspired creatures to join your fantasy party!

Battlezoo Eldamon - Roll For Combat

Battlezoo Eldamon // Roll For Combat

Over on Kickstarter, Roll For Combat has found a way to embed Eldamon, Paizo Publishing's answer to befriending, training and battling alongside a fantasy creature during your journeys. Brining 160 different Eldamon, with the chance to evolve and insert these ancient creatures to any campaign setting. With 10 different types/elements already available spanning from Fire Type, Wood Type to Death Type, and 10 more sets to unlock in the stretch goals. Ready to come to life with either a Pathfinder or 5E ruleset.

Evolved Eldamon - Battlezoo Eldamon

Evolved Eldamon // Battlezoo Eldamon

This seems to be the start of the Eldamon from Paizo, with their first introduction within the supplement and bestiary on crowdfunding, with a card game to follow later. With several pledges available including PDF digital copies of Battlezoo Eldamon and resources, including new monsters, items and playable races. And a chance to buy the hardback, and a whole host of additional goodies as part of the campaign. With tiers ranging from $50 up to $399.

Squirrelash - Eldamon

Squirrelash // Eldamon

The Battlezoo Eldamon campaign has got 30 days left on Kickstarter and has not been funded just yet. However, there is plenty of time on the clock. The options to pull these pokemon-like creatures into any game format are inspiring. Although, I cannot imagine how even more distracted my D&D character would be stumbling across a bunch of electric-powered squirrels!

What do you think, would you train up and befriend an Eldamon to join your roleplaying party?

"With the chance to evolve and insert these ancient creatures to any campaign setting..."

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