Pootle On With Durgin Paint Forge’s Spearhead Sentinel

September 10, 2019 by brennon

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Durgin Paint Forge has previewed a model which is going to be coming out in the far future of 2020 (I know, so far away!). Here we have this quirky Redcoat Spearhead Sentinel!

Redcoat Spearhead Sentinel #1 - Durgins Paint Forge

This is a new creation from the world created by Durgin Paint Forge. Created in the forges of Zorn Uzul this is a new way for the members of the Redcoats to head out and scout the way forward for their forces in battle or throughout the streets of the city.


This is a really quirky looking model which really plays into the idea of the slightly comical. This soldier also comes with a wonderful robotic helper who is making sure that everything works properly when she's on the road.

What do you make of this quirky new vehicle from Durgin?

"What do you make of this quirky new vehicle from Durgin?"

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