Pre-Order Hope Eternal Miniatures For Stargrave Expansion

September 12, 2022 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has now fired up their pre-orders for the new Hope Eternal miniatures that will be joining the next expansion to Stargrave from Osprey Games and Joseph McCullough.

Chella Rean - Stargrave

Chella Rean // Stargrave

Hope Eternal is the new solo and cooperative expansion for Stargrave that allows you and your friends to work together when playing through the campaign. Osprey Games said...

"Hope Eternal is a solo and cooperative expansion for Stargrave. Along with full rules for playing the game in this new style, the book contains an intricate campaign of connected scenarios. Whether you brave the perils of the campaign alone, or enlist the aid of another independent crew, this is your chance to bring back a little hope to the ravaged galaxy!"

The book is going to be released 29th September 2022 but now is your chance to get your hands on the various miniatures representing characters and foes that you'll need to play out Hope Eternal's scenarios.

Drix - Stargrave

Drix // Stargrave

To that end, you've got characters that pop up in the story like Chella Rean and Drix alongside some terrible new foes. Do you fancy running into the likes of the Enhanced Mutants during your adventures?

Enhanced Mutant - Stargrave

Enhanced Mutant // Stargrave

The majority of the new miniatures are 28mm and metal and cover a variety of characters, foes and such that you might want for your games.

Stargrave: Last Hope Interview

You'll also find a range of Stargrave plastic kits available to include with your pre-orders, all designed to match the friends and fiends that you'll meet along the way.

Hope Eternal Pre-Order - Stargrave

Hope Eternal Pre-Order // Stargrave

So, a whole host of awesome new metal miniatures and a chance to dive into some solo and cooperative play with Stargrave. A lot of folks have really been enjoying the world of Stargrave from McCullough and it's neat to see it now offering up some new options for those wanting to game in a different way.

Are you going to be giving this expansion/supplement a go?

"'s neat to see it now offering up some new options for those wanting to game in a different way"

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