Pre-Order The New Spanish Almughavars From FireForge

November 25, 2021 by brennon

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FireForge Games are currently taking pre-orders for their new Spanish Almughavars in 28mm scale that could be used in your Medieval tabletop battles. Have a peek at some of the new plastics in this set that are going on general release in December.

Almughavars #1 - FireForge Games

Almughavars // FireForge Games

The name Almughavars refers to a class of light infantry soldier. They came from the Kingdom Of Aragon, the Principality Of Catalonia, the Kingdom Of Valencia, Crown Of Castile and the Kingdom Of Portugal. Most of their numbers were drawn from farmers and shepherds but they later became mercenaries for a variety of different kingdoms.

Almughavars #2 - FireForge Games

The set comes with enough bits to make twenty-four multi-part plastic Almughavars. They can be armed with a variety of weapons including cleavers, swords and spears. You can also give them spears and javelins for a bit of extra reach. Command options are also included so you can lead your forces to war.

Almughavars #3 - FireForge Games

The Spanish range from FireForge Games now has a wealth of options for you to choose from. You have Light and Heavy Infantry, Cavalry and command figures like Monks, Generals and even El Cid. So, if you wanted to make a Spanish force for use on the tabletop then you now have plenty to snap up.

I like the design of the figures too. I think a lot of attention has been given over to the little bits and bobs that make a model pop. The faces look great and a lot of care has been given over to the arms and armour. Hopefully, they will pop nicely when more folks get paint on them.

Are you tempted by a new Spanish army?

"They can be armed with a variety of weapons including cleavers, swords and spears..."

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