Pre-Order Seas Aflame Expansion & Miniatures For Armada

July 8, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games has started taking pre-orders for their Fantasy naval wargame, Armada. Seas Aflame is the new expansion supplement that allows you to take to the skies!

Seas Aflame - Armada

Seas Aflame // Armada

Included as part of this new book you'll find rules for fliers that will allow the factions to take to the skies. Drop bombs on your enemies or strike from on high with magic creatures and creations.

You'll also find rules for adding Coastal Defences to your games, new upgrades, ten new scenarios for you to play and campaign rules for developing your fleet. There is also a bunch of background for the upcoming fleets - Elves, Twilight Kin, Salamanders, Northern Alliance and Varangur.

New Fliers Packs

Part of this new supplement is the release of new Fliers which you can check out below for the Basileans, Orcs and Empire Of Dust.

Basileans Flyers Pack - Armada

Basileans Fliers Pack // Armada

Orc Fliers Pack - Armada

Orc Fliers Pack // Armada

Empire Of Dust Fliers Pack - Armada

Empire Of Dust Fliers Pack // Armada

These give you both a set of monsters and vehicles that you can add to your fleet. I love the look of the massive bone dragon and that flaming phoenix in particular. I like contraptions but I do enjoy monsters more.

Magic For Your Fleet!

Finally, we also have a new set of Armada Magic Card for you to use when playing your games.

Magic Cards - Armada

Magic Cards // Armada

The pack comes with a fifty-four card deck of spell cards plus five spellbook cards. You'll also find a bunch of counters which can be used to mark magical effects and a booklet that explains how to use magic in your games.

If you've been diving into Armada recently then this might be just what you need to boost your experience. I like that we've got the campaign rules in there in particular. I am eager to see what they do with the new fleets and fliers for the likes of the Dwarfs in particular.

Are you going to be snapping these packs up?

"I love the look of the massive bone dragon and that flaming phoenix in particular..."

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