New Hunting Wolves & A Sci-Fi Terrors From Mierce Miniatures

May 22, 2020 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures has been showing off some of the pre-orders they've got in the mix for next month and Darklands. We start with a rather neat character, leading the hunt against her foes. Here is Hunter Joanna, Warrior-Queen Of Mierce.

Hunter Joanna - Mierce Miniatures

She is known to be as one with the beasts of the land, "slight yet firm, lithe yet tough" as the description of her reads. It is known to her comrades that when Joanna hits the field, the wolves, bears and boards of the land are all following her word and can be of aid in battle. I imagine her painted up with flaming red hair and pale skin, perhaps even covered in tattoos.

Call Of The Wild

Talking of the beasts of the land, here are some of the creatures that Joanna can fight alongside. The first of these is Sweorcan's Pack.

-5ec7885109893--5ec7885109894Sweorcans Pack - Mierce Miniatures.png

AND, if that wasn't enough wild animals for your tabletop hunting pack then there is also Reoc's Pack as well. Both of these packs give you a set of muscular wolves, rushing through the undergrowth to then leap on your foes and bring them down.

Reocs Pack - Mierce Miniatures

This collection would be really fun to paint up I reckon. These are renders, but the final models from Mierce Miniatures tend to up looking pretty much like this which is always nice. That means you'd have a lot of fur texture to work with for washes and drybrushing; an easy way to paint wolves!

Now For Something Completely Different...

It seems like that it isn't just the Fantasy world of Darklands getting a release in June. We've also got this immense Sci-Fi terror, Mek-Qaano, Destroyer Of Worlds.

-5ec7884ad9f56--5ec7884ad9f57Mek-Qaano Destroyer Of Worlds - Mierce Miniatures.png

Based on one of their classic miniatures, this fellow has then been upgraded with a big ol' chain axe for cleaving through his enemies and a gun which is going to vaporise them too. I think this is a neat Sci-Fi take on the miniatures from the Darklands collection and it would be cool to see someone paint this fellow up too.

Maybe he would make a great Chaos Warlord to lead your Sci-Fi mutants into battle in games of Warhammer 40,000?

What do you make of these previews for June?

"I think this is a neat Sci-Fi take on the miniatures from the Darklands collection..."

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