Precinct Omega Drop Horizon Wars Into COVID-19 Sale

March 31, 2020 by brennon

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Precinct Omega is a small game design company out of the UK which is making their Sci-Fi game, Horizon Wars: Zero Dark, available at a cut down price to help people through the COVID-19 period.

Horizon Wars Zero Dark - Precinct Omega Publishing

Here is some more information on this particular Sci-Fi game and why you should check it out...

"A radical new approach to science fiction skirmish wargaming, built on the same core mechanics as hit sci-fi battle game, Horizon Wars. Zero Dark lets you play solo, co-op, player-versus-player or even team-versus-team with the same core rules."

I do like that the game is venturing to cover all the angles when it comes to gameplay. Especially during this current isolation period, it would be a good idea to look at this for its solo and cooperative mechanics.

"No weapons tables. No faction limitations. Build your heroes from scratch and equip them to suit your play-style and existing miniatures collection. Take on the unpredictable and dangerous Red Force. And test your mettle as your team explores the mysteries of the Fallen Earth in the pursuit of lost secrets in Operation Gemini."

The rulebook for Zero Dark is available from Wargame Vault HERE and there is a preview of the rules if you want to have a quick flick through. Additionally, Precinct Omega also work through a Patreon which helps fund additional content for the game. The original Horizon Wars rules did pop up through Osprey Games and so it's neat to see that the game has expanded and tweaked to include the new rules featured above.

Are you tempted to give this one a go?

"Are you tempted to give this one a go?"

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