The Predosien-Eagle Swoops In From Predastore!

September 1, 2014 by brennon

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Predastore is continuing to train more hunters from the mighty ship known as Quetzalcoatl with this new Mayan and Aztec inspired Predator, the Predosien-Eagle!


Zak Valentin has sculpted this latest Predator doing the leap of faith off that pillar towards some unfortunate foe. I quite like the pose but it does give you a sense that on the tabletop it's only going to make 'sense' when it's atop somewhere looking down on his enemies. I guess it's hard to make a miniature themed in this way without sacrificing some of its battlefield look.

Plenty of detail across the board however and they've done another sterling job on the musculature it appears. With it being an alien body they can really push the whole muscles-on-muscles thing!

What do you think of the Eagle?

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