Previews Pop Up For D&D Attack Wing Expansions

December 16, 2014 by brennon

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Over on BoardGameGeek a few fans have picked out some interesting previews for future units for use in WizKids' Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing. See what you think of the Movanic Deva Angel, Black Shadow Dragon and Aarakocra Troops...

Black Dragon

Black Dragon Cards

The Black Dragon is up first sine I think that's what we're all interested in when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing. I know that I'm pretty much sold on the idea of just using all Dragons for my games despite what kind of strategies the other units might have that are better!

Movanic Deva Angel

Angel Cards

Next up is the Movanic Deva Angel with a rather impressive looking hammer. In this case you've got a bit of a hero character that while isn't as big as a dragon certainly looks like it's got the moves in the air and on the ground.

Aarakocra Troop

Aarakocra Troop Cards

Last but not least (well maybe least) are these Aarakocra Troops that once again look like a good unit for both the air and ground assault. This is probably one of the more interesting aspects of D&D Attack Wing where the ground battle is just as important as the one in the air.

Once again these are WizKids paint jobs however and they really aren't the best. Interestingly a lot of the prices for some of the units is nearly as much as the X-Wing miniatures from FFG and they're much better painted (I speak from experience of my local store so prices may differ). Doesn't seem quite fair to me but I think people will be buying this game for the experience rather than the miniatures.

It would be nice to see some good paint jobs on these but as hobbyists at least we can always undercoat them again and paint them up how we'd like them. I know I might do that.

What do you think?

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