Follow Privateer Press’ Brewgrosh From Concept To Miniature

July 27, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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One of the many reasons that Gen Con is truly the Best Four Days In Gaming includes the brilliant use of gaming related theming all weekend long!

Every Year Privateer Press teams up with Indy's own RAM Restaurant & Brewery to release an exclusive mini that coincides with the RAM's Gen Con beer.

This year, said beer/miniature is the Brewgrosh. This is absolutely my favourite aspect of the gaming world- watching artists breathe life into characters, starting from only a word or idea.

It's fascinating to me to watch them explore the different images that are inspired by a theme and the process they go through to get to the end game.

So Mike Vaillancourt set the concept of Brewgrosh in motion in the talented hands of the artist, Andrea Uderzo and the images below follow the evolution of the beer-drinking beast.

Obviously, if you're attending the convention, you'll be able to pick up the mini at the Privateer Press booth 439 - but just in case you won't be able to be there, they will have the mini available through their webstore during the con!

What do you think of this beer-drinking beast?

"What do you think of this beer-drinking beast?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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