Pulp Alley Offer Up New Characters & Adventures For September

September 25, 2018 by brennon

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Pulp Alley is becoming an increasingly interesting game and this month saw the release of a whole bunch of new models and more for those looking to get into the game.

New Pulp Characters - Pulp Alley

The new selection of characters that got releases are looking awesome with the likes of Dottie K & Jack Spade, alongside Betty Bixler & Pops Argosy (all of whom are pictured above). We also have Yinying show above as well who comes with her pet, Shadow.

Make sure to go and check out each of the links for the characters as the sets look great for those looking to just snap up some cool miniatures even if you're not going to be playing Pulp Alley. There was also the new set for Father O & Rutherford too if you want to start bringing some God-bothering into the occasion.

Scenario Of The Month

As well as the models we also have a new Scenario for this month called Mystery At The Gallop.

Mystery At The Gallop - Pulp Alley

This can be a Versus or Solo scenario so if you want to go and check it out, delve into it. If you're over here in the UK then you can find your Pulp Alley bits and bobs over on Sally 4th.

Are you going to be checking out more from Pulp Alley?

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