More Pulp City Cold War Superheroes Show Up

October 9, 2015 by brennon

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We showed you the Captain America inspired Spybreaker earlier in the week and now we have some more of the heroes and villains all painted up for Pulp City's Cold War Kickstarter which starts on the 15th of October...

Hammer Time

First up we're going to be smashing things with Professor Hammer for the Red Republik. Looking a little bit like a character from Street Fighter he has some rather might metal fists for pounding foes into the dirt.

Professor Hammer

I like the big trench coat he's wearing which gives him that unmistakable Russian look. Tie that in with the big moustache and red fists and I think you ticked all the boxes.

Pocket Rocket

While quite diminutive S.P.U.T.N.I.K is very vile, petty and cruel. He has the look of someone rather evil on his face so I wouldn't have put it past him to be the 'baby candy stealing' type.


He is also highly intelligent and will be using that brain to try and take you on when you fight him on the tabletop.

Flame On!

The Supreme Alliance now gets some reinforcements in the form of Coldfire who will be giving you more than chilblains when you come up against him.


This chap can regulate his body temperature from ice cold to nova-class heat meaning that you'll have a bit of trouble trying to take him down I reckon. I love the design of him and it would be great to get two of this model so you could paint him in both states.

What do you think of these heroes and villains?

"I love the design of Coldfire and it would be great to get two of this model so you could paint him in both states..."

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