Pulp City Prove the Existence of Big Foot

December 12, 2014 by dracs

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The guys at Pulp City have said that they will hopefully be shipping out their Kickstarter minis some time this month, and have just put up a preview of one of their first planned post-Kickstarter releases. Big Foot does exist, and he apparently likes grunge!

Big Foot

A Canadian and Pacific Northwest friend, Big Foot is an Indie hero infiltrator, dressed in the garb of the 90s independent music scene. Although, I don't remember any grunge band carrying an axe quite that big.

Big Foot Sculpt

The idea of making Big Foot a fan of grunge is one of those really strange ones that makes Pulp City such a fun concept.The sculpt itself promises to be an interesting model, bringing this wild man of the North to life on the tabletop.

Do you like Pulp City's take on this legendary monster?

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