Pulp Figures Face Their New Daughters Of The East

March 31, 2020 by brennon

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Pulp Figures have released another new set for those delving into more adventures across lands unknown. Here we have the Daughters Of The East who look like they could be both allies and enemies during your escapades.

Daughters Of The East - Pulp Figures

In this set you get a pair of martial artists at the top who look like they are the kind of characters who would accompany your bewildered western adventurer as they headed out to go hunt through mystic ruins. You've also got the two femme fatale-like characters in the bottom left and right who might instead have been sent to "deal" with your party of heroes as they try and look for evidence and clues in bustling cities.

Finally, you've also got the royal character in the centre who seems very dignified. This could mean that she either holds herself with an air of authority as an evil mastermind or as a benevolent ally who tries to help you from the shadows.

Either way, this should give you a few more interesting options when it comes to creating narrative Pulp adventures on the tabletop. If you're interested in the range as a whole it is all available from North Star Military Figures too.

What do you think of this new set?

"What do you think of this new set?"

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