Uncover A Pulp Mystery With Popplewood’s Investigators

March 14, 2019 by brennon

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Popplewood Miniatures and Tony Smallwood have brought a range of Investigators to Kickstarter for those who want to dive into their Pulp adventures on the tabletop. Each of the new miniatures has been sculpted by Andrew May.

Investigators - Popplewood Miniatures

The team have worked on a range of six investigators which could fulfil the archetypal roles you need for a group venturing off to explore the shadowy corners of our world. My two favourites from the set are the gumshoe style detective with the Tommy gun known as Agent Johnny Mulligan...

Investigator #1 - Popplewood Miniatures

...and Reporter Blanche Barker who is ready with a flashlight in hand, finding her way into all sorts of spooky situations.

Investigator #2 - Popplewood Miniatures

If you're looking to pick up some investigators for a Cthulhu-based role-playing game or tabletop skirmish game then these might be a good shout. This is another one of those smaller scale Kickstarters where all of the miniatures have already been sculpted and they just need the funds to bring them out in their final form.

It's always good to have more options!

What do you think of these investigators?

"It's always good to have more options!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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