Puppets War Ruin a Cathedral

April 24, 2015 by dracs

Puppets War's latest terrain sets have been released, bringing the ruins of once grand places of worship to the tabletop.

Come to the Cathedral

Puppets War have released two ruined sets, letting you assemble the ruins of either a small chapel or a grand cathedral.

Ruined Chapel

Ruined Cathedral

These resin ruins feature a superb level of detail. The large cathedral makes for the perfect centre piece on a tabletop, especially for a dark fantasy, gothic setting where any monster or heretic might view it as a suitably ironic refuge.

Stand the Test of Time

As well as these two ruins, Puppets War have stated that they will be releasing a cathedral in pristine condition, untouched by whatever ravages have reduced the above buildings to ruins.

Cathedral Comparison

Cathedral Interior

This cathedral makes for an even grander building than its ruined version. The addition of the roof adds to the size of the structure and it is impressive that Puppets War have apparently kept to the level of detail with its interior.

Will you pick up the ruined cathedral or will you wait for the pristine one?

"There are plenty of different pieces here, ranging from broken walls and floor tiles to jutting up gable sections"

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