Purple Guerrilla Take Mantic Games Digital

January 21, 2014 by brennon

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It looks as if Mantic Games are entering the digital realm with their rulebooks thanks to a company called Purple Guerrilla. First up to take a look at are their eBooks for a variety of different publications by Mantic...

Mantic Digital

Mantic Digital eBooks

From the fluff...

  • Easy to navigate. You can jump between sections, or even books, by accessing the menu and choosing the relevant sub-heading.
  • Definition popups. Want to know what the Misdirect ability does? Press on it to get pop-up rule details without losing your place.
  • Media galleries. See beautifully painted miniatures in high definition!
  • It’s alive! Your Mantic Digital purchase will automatically update with the latest FAQs and Errata.
  • Buy once, read anywhere. Once you’ve made your purchase, you can read your rulebook on Android, iOS, Kindle* and more.
  • Mobile ready. Unlike a lot of online rulebooks, Mantic Digital products will adapt to any screen size – even a smartphone.
  • Beautifully (re)designed pages. Digital content doesn’t have to be ugly, and we’ve used Mantic’s art resources to give the books some real character.
  • Stream or download. Save space on your device by streaming, or access your rulebook anywhere with a download – it’s up to you.

Now that all sounds very cool indeed and it seems a natural step for them to leap into the digital realm with their books. They also appear to be available on a variety of devices too which can sometimes be a stickler for people.

DreadBall Playbook #1

DreadBall Playbook #2

They also have plans for this neat piece of kit above, the DreadBall Playbook...

  • Team builder. Choose from famous teams like the Trontek 29ers and Greenmoon Smackers, or build your own.
  • In-Game Reference. The playbook shows legal actions and abilities for ever member of your team.
  • Game Tracker. As the game progresses, the playbook keeps track of actions, strikes and kills and updates your roster accordingly.
  • Easy Access. With a few taps you can easily look up definitions for abilities directly from the the PlayBook.
  • More to come! League management software, stats tracking and plenty more will roll out over the next few months…

Very awesome. With the DreadBall Playbook looking extra cool hopefully there will be one for Deadzone too! The first digital release will be coming on 27th of January and will feature all existing DreadBall rulebooks and the Azure Forest one.

Nice one chaps!

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