The Quinjet Arrives On Pre-Order As A ‘Size X’ Model

February 7, 2022 by fcostin

A massive terrain piece, with the unique Size of 'X' now has its release date, and players can now pre-order the Quinjet for their table, alongside Nick Fury and some Agents of SHIELD swinging in for duty. It has been a month since the Quinjet was announced, meaning our Agents of Shield has something to attach his rope to!

Quinjet - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Quinjet // Marvel Crisis Protocol

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At the announcement, we were told that the Quinjet is "Size X", and the first of its kind to be joining the tabletop. All this simply means is that players cannot interact with it. This means no throwing and no smashing, as this piece cannot be destroyed.

But that doesn't just mean that it is simply there to decorate your gaming table. Players will still be able to move through it, and engage as part of the battlefield. To me, it sounds like a new way for a line of sight blocking, which could make things a little more tactical.

Quinjet Model - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Quinjet Model // Marvel Crisis Protocol

The Quinjet terrain pack will be released on March 11th 2022, so whether you want your Agent to propel down via rope, pole, or trapeze - the Quinjet is designed to bring your Agents of Shield Grunts into the action in style, if you are looking to keep the rope in hands!

This "Size X" is certainly interesting. I wonder why they chose to make the Quinjet the first unbreakable terrain piece considering it has been launched all over the place, and why The Hulk can throw a full-sized building but not the Quinjet. What do you think about this new addition? 

"Size X - This means no throwing and no smashing, as this piece cannot be destroyed..."

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